What do you need to know?

FellowsClass is a social networking site created to support students in solving problems related to math word problems.
Due to the fact that the majority of people have the most problems with this area of mathematics, we limit ourselves only to such tasks,to be able to give you the best possible answers in shortest possible time.

Most math word problems can't be solved by any computer program, so if you want to get help in this topic you need to rely on the help of books or another person - and here we are.
We focus primarily on ensuring that all problems presented on our website are resolved correctly as soon as possible.

We expect our users to adhere to the rules set out on the website and active participation in the community - in return we will do our best to ensure that solutions are presented with full explanation in the shortest possible time.

We try to create a school community for every student. Content tasks are solved throughout all years of education, which is why you can use our help throught all the school grades.
We will try to solve each problem together within 24 hours of adding it, so if the solution is needed for school tomorrow, it is better to enter the task as soon as possible.

Below there are a few rules regarding the adding of new word problems:
- first find out if your task has already been resolved
- enter only new math word problems (all other tasks will be deleted without any notification)
- the tasks entered should be precisely formulated and described
- students, who need to receive a quick answers, should have an user account registered and an e-mail address confirmed
- tasks entered anonymously (without user account) will always be resolved last

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